Welcome to Casino Gambling Online. If you've found this site then you probably have some interest in gambling. There's a pretty good chance you've laid a bet at a casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, or somewhere else in the world. But have you ever gambled online?

The plethora of online gambling options can be quite overwhelming, both in terms of the number of operators and the types of services they offer.  There are over 2000 online casino operators, offering random number generator (RNG) casino games as well as poker, mobile casino games, sports betting, bingo  and more recently live dealer casino games.

Any game offered in Las Vegas, or any other casino for that matter, can be played online from your personal computer at any one of 2000 or so online casinos. This offers a range of advantages to gamblers around the world...convenience being one of the most obvious. But it also raises a number of potential dangers for players not familiar with online casinos. I mean, we all feel confident when we walk into MGM Grand Casino to play blackjack that there is no possibility of being cheated by a loaded deck. And there is absolutely no chance that they would refuse to cash in your chips once you decide to take your winnings and head home. This is a big casino, subject to strict Nevada Gaming Authority testing and regulatory requirements, and owned and operated by a listed US company who would never do anything to tarnish their reputation for honest operating practices. 

But can the same be said of an internet casino that you happen across while surfing the net? Licensed, sure...but in Antigua Barbuda, or Vanuatu? How stringent could licensing requirements be there? And who owns the casino? Do they have a reputation worth protecting? What recourse do I have if this casino operates in a way that I believe to be improper?  How can you be sure that the outcomes of the games are genuinely random? 

All very reasonable questions. The thrill of gambling, which derives largely from the anticipation of winning, is severely dulled by any suspicion that you are being cheated.

So the question is...should you gamble at an online casino? Well to help you make up your mind, we've compiled a bunch of facts and considerations that should be helpful in making your decision a little more informed. We've also included, should you choose to play online, profiles of a few of our favorite casinos, all with audited returns, excellent 24/7 customer support and long and respected operating histories and full service offerings.

For a great showcase of online/real dealer action, visit live casino.org.

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